On November 30 - December 2, 2012 will be held on Mobile AppCamp in Skopje.


This three day event brings together developers and mobile start-ups together with business incubator managers, investors and mentors to develop commercial mobile applications and the skillset of development with potential to access global markets. Mobile AppCamp is executed under the initiative of ECAbit (Eastern European and Central Asian Business Incubators and Technology Parks Network, financed by infoDev, a partnership program of the World Bank, the Youth Entrepreneurial Service (YES) Foundation.


The goal of the ECAbit-infoDev initiative is to position events such as Mobile AppCamp as regular service that accelerates the growth of start-ups within the ECAbit network to support youth entrepreneurship in the ECA region.


The unique value of this camp is the comprehensive program delivered by experts and mentors recognized worldwide, addressing burning issues in market research, investment readiness, multicultural skills and intellectual property during the process. The program is divided into two parts: (1) Developingentrepreneurial skills of participating developers across key topics for achieving success, such as commercialization of innovations and investment readiness and (2) Developing better mobile applications with the help of experienced senior mobile developers and business experts with global market penetration strategy. At the end of the event the best mobile application will be awarded for the purpose of advancing regional and global market impact.


A broader aim of the camp is to develop and strengthen the economic and technological ties between the Balkan countries and the highly developed European countries in the area of mobile applications and businesses.

The event is free of charge for participation and the organizers are offering reimbursement (maximum 150 Euros for travel and/or accommodations) for some chosen key participants. For more information on this contact the YES Foundation directly.

Filip Stojanovic / Stoyanovich

Chief of Party / Director, USAID Regional Competitiveness Initiative (RCI)

Implemented by SEGURA Partners LLC

Web site: www.rciproject.com Mobile: +359888702629 ; Skype: filipstoja


For more infoormation, please, visit http://www.mobileappcamp.org.