postdbf24062016The two-day DigiTec Business Forum 2016 held in “Elite Plaza” Business Center at the end of last week has been special with the active participation of the high-ranking public officials, the representatives of the IT sector and other sectors of the economy, the activity and efficiency of thematic discussions. Up to 1000 participants have been involved in the thematic discussions.

This year the 9th annual DigiTec Business Forum has focused on exclusively thematic discussions about the cooperation of information technologies and other sectors of the economy of the Republic of Armenia. In contrast to the previous ones, an exhibition part of IT solutions has not been planned as a part of the Forum (lack of space).

The representatives of the IT sector and the Armed Forces have participated in the discussion of the format of the cooperation of the Military–industrial complex and the IT sector, held within the scope of the business forum. The Union has presented a medium-term plan of the cooperation of the military industry and the IT sector to the participants of the forum, where it has been particularly mentioned about the advanced teaching of basic military training in the public education system, the conformity of the educational, scientific and research issues in SEUA to the issues of the Armed Forces, the creation of military incubators, the modernization of the systems of the procurement of the military industry, the privacy of the military industry field and the modernization of the infrastructure of the security, the maintenance of strict confidentiality of technological and production processes of the military-industrial product, the inadmissibility of information leakage, the announcement of the military industry as the key sector of the economy, the direction of the export of the military product and other issues. As a result of the discussion of the DigiTec Business Forum, the participants have decided to submit the mentioned plan to the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia and ask the appropriate subdivisions to discuss and ensure cooperation on the mentioned issues. 

In the current military-political situation, particularly attaching importance to the challenges and solutions of cyber security, the specialists have also discussed the problems of public awareness of the threats of the field, the problems regarding offline (without channels) Armenia, the problems of the management of the access to and privileges in electronic governance system, the problems regarding the analysis of the reconnaissance data received from open sources and other problems.

During the DigiTec Business Forum the representatives of the IT sector and other sectors of business have had a discussion on the theme of the necessity of the creation of the IT investment ecosystem with the participation of RA Minister of Economy Artsvik Minasyan. The participants of the event have discussed the current situation of the investment field of the IT sector particularly, the creation of an attractive environment involving investments in the sector and other issues. The Minister of Economy, in his turn, has noted that such meetings are effective in the development of the strategy regarding the IT sector and has emphasized that he is always ready to hold meetings with the representatives of the sector to discuss the present issues.

During the discussion dedicated to the electronic governance great attention has been paid to the electronic governance systems acting in Armenia, the innovative solutions acting in the Republic of Armenia in e-governance sector and the opportunities of the export of the e-governance solutions (Ethiopia, European Economic Commission).

The representatives of the IT sector and the banking sector have also spoken about the issues of the financial and banking sector, of the banking system of the new generation, of the importance of the application of the latter.

During the thematic discussion dedicated to the issues of emergent entrepreneurs and young businessmen in Armenia it has been touched upon the preconditions for starting business in Armenia, the opportunities of acquiring new cooperations and partners. The problems of the repatriated businessmen have also been discussed for presenting to the appropriate departments.

The representatives of the Balkan countries have participated in the presentation of the international experience by presenting their experience in the ICT sector.
The participants of the business forum have also discussed with a great interest the issues of the necessity and socialization of the science of Data management, as well as the issues of drafting the education handbook. It is characteristic that about 1,5 million vacancies for scientists of data are counted today in the world, which, in case of creating an appropriate environment, can be successfully staffed by Armenian specialists.

Within the scope of the DigiTec Business Forum the United Nations Industrial Development Organization has organized a workshop on ''Prospects for the formation of a regional platform of clean technologies''. The aim of the workshop has been the discussion of the idea of the formation of a general platform of clean technologies in the CIS region, which will make it possible for the local and regional organizations to be involved in the regional and international networks, to study and apply the experience of other countries in the sectors of innovations, their application. At the same time the discussions have been intended to strengthen partnerships, attract investments, and determine the opportunities of establishing joint enterprises and so on. During the workshop the succeeded experience of the countries participating in the plan (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine) has been presented, new partnerships have been determined, opinions have been exchanged regarding the regional and international cooperation.

During the DigiTec Business Forum seminars on services of business support management of human resources and strategic thinking have also been held.

Let’s add that the DigiTec Business Forum headed under the title ''Smart solutions for smart business'' has been held since 2008.  This unique forum of the dialogue between business and technologies is traditionally organized by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of RA.