iravabanseptThe Armenian Lawyers’ Association and the Union of Information Technology Enterprises signed an agreement on Wednesday to protect human rights and combat corruption by joint efforts, the press office of the Association reports.

“Education is very important in human rights protection and in struggle against corruption,” said Karen Zadoyan, the chairman of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association. “Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine organization of education without advanced technologies.”

The cooperation implies development and introduction of effective mechanisms with usage of advanced information technologies.

“The cooperation agreement is just the beginning – the cooperation can provide visible results and become an initiative aimed at changing social life,” said Karen Vardanyan, the head of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises.

Innovative technology instruments are planned to be introduced in legal and anti-corruption educational programs in general and higher education establishments as part of the cooperation.  

Creation of an interactive online card of corruption risks and cases of illicit enrichment, which will ensure confidentiality to people who provides information, is planned as well.

Every citizen may provide particular address and evidence, such as papers, photos and videos on condition of anonymity.