uitemembers2016During 2016 the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) implemented a number of projects and events tend towards the development and support of the competitive scientific-technological educational system and military industry.

By the efforts of the UITE about 200 “Armath” engineering laboratories operate in all the regions of Armenia, 128 out of them were established during 2016. In addition, during the year pf 2016, the “Armath” engineering laboratories have been awarded two prestigious international awards:  the first one – the WITSA Global Excellence Award on “Sustainable development” has been awarded during the World Congress on Information Technologies being held in Brasil, and the second one has been awarded as the “The Best Provider of IT education” during the GITI-2016 held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Among the events tend to improvement and encouraging  the technology education as well as the robotics development in Armenia the following contests and projects have always been organized: the “Minesweeper robots” contest, the “”UAV” drones contest, the project “One company-one school, the “DigiCode” youth programming contest, the ”Open Game” computing and mobile game contest, the «DigiCamp» innovation camp, as well as the summer “Technological” camp project at which 700 pupils from all the regions of Armenia participated last year.

With the support of the UITE members the “Real school” project has been developed and implemented. The “Real school” is projected for high school pupils. The curricula of the first year Program involves the studying of all the disciplines approved for the ordinary school. The other 3-years study involves Professional education. Twenty pupils already study at the Real school.

To create a favorable environment for ICT development the UITE implemented such projects and events like: the 11th international annual DigiTec Expo (about 120 companies participate, the expo hosted more than 60 000 visitors); the 9th DigiTec Business Forum (about 1000 participants and international guests); Business Innovation Forum where the vision of mapping Armenia among 20 most innovative countries in the world by 2018 was discussed; the “ICT leaders’ meeting-forum” and “Breakfast with Minister”. During the year of 2016 it was also developed the «BrainLab» non-official platform for business meetings. The BrainLab is organized to share experience, develop business contacts and networking among local and international business executives.

This year the Armenian IT delegation have participated at the World Congress on Information Technologies (WCIT 2016) held in Brasil. By the efforts of the UITE the WCIT 2019 will be organized in Armenia in 2019.

During the April, 2016 4-day war, the UITE launched the mobilization project. Within the frames of the Project working gropus have been created: engineers, physicists, chemists, doctors, and other professionals which number reached 300 have been involved in the project. Within the frame of the project “From Army to IT” has also been developed. The aim of the project is to teach the young men who are back from Military Service and who have willingness to study IT. During the training programs the young men study programming languages and scientific English. After the finish the Program they pass internship at the IT companies. The successful ones will have an opportunity to work there too.

The UITE have implemented a number of projects with the Government of RA and international organizations and donors.

The UITE is a business association which has been operating since 2000. The Union counts 75 members which are local and international ICT companies operating in Armenia.