pmarmathKaren Karapetyan visited secondary school N1 in Tegh village. The Premier inspected the activities of Armath engineering lab, which had been opened at the initiative of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, where free technological education will be provided to schoolchildren from both the local community and neighboring settlements. In addition to extra-curricular classes, pupils will participate in many other activities, where they will be able to show their knowledge and skills.

The Prime Minister was told that as equipped with a 3D printer, modern computers and robotics collections, the lab will give students the opportunity to learn the basics of programming and robotics.

In addition to overtime courses, students will also participate in a number of promotional events in the lab, where they will apply their new skills. They will find themselves in a creative environment and will get acquainted with the works of other schools’ teams.

Proceeding from the Government’s drive for balanced territorial development, Armath engineering labs have been set up in the provinces. The Armath network currently involves some 5 thousand schoolchildren from over 200 schools of Armenia and Artsakh.

Prioritizing the need for continued development of high-tech education in our country, Karen Karapetyan stressed that the IT sphere may become a driving force for economic progress in Armenia.