bizprotectuteorgBizProtect”: new platform, which is aimed at the identification and solution of the problems in the business environment.On 28 April, presentation of the new website was held in the scope of the “Evidence-based Advocacy for Reforms” project.

The project is implemented by the Consortium of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, Armenian Lawyers’ Association and European Business Association (Lead applicant of the Consortium is the Union of Information Technology Enterprises).

“This site will serve as a platform for communication with different groups, identification of problems and for the society,” Mr. Karen Vardanyan, Executive Director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises said at the official opening ceremony of the website.

Speaking about the importance of the website, Mr. Karen Zadoyan, President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association said that the site has two functions: identification of problems and raising the problems of businesses. According to Mr. Zadoyan the website is a revolutionary solution: thus, the entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to raise issues with confidence that the problems will be introduced to attention of the public authorities and law enforcement bodies, and in addition, the complainers will remain anonymous.

Ms Diana Sarumova, President of European Business Association, speaking in the name of businesses said that this solves a major issue which seemed unsolved for a long time, “We conducted a survey, which was included representatives of 140 organizations. We realized that it is very difficult to get information, mainly because the majority is afraid to raise issues. However, when these issues were raised, we tried to give them solutions. This site as a whole is an important tool to expect the activity of businessmen,” Ms Sarumova said.

“BizProtect” platform enables to raise issues that exist in the sector remaining anonymous. Especially for this purpose there are a number of options to solve this. There is also a guide, and after reading it the businessmen will submit applications more confidently. Experts will review the information provided by businesses, after which they will receive a response.

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