camp2017postrThe best ideas of the 5th annual DigiCamp innovative camp being implemented by the Union of Information technology Enterprises (UITE) in Hanqavan are already known.

The first Honorable prize of the "DigiCamp 2017" has been awarded to the team formed around the ideas on the "Smart Lights" and "Talking Gas" by 14 years old Aram Poghosyan. The "Smart light" system turns off and on the electricity with the help of the mobile applied software. The idea of the “Talking gas” is to prevent the gas outflow. The gas outflow system emits a sound signal when there is gas outflow. If the gas user does not respond in 5 seconds, then a short message informing about the gas outflow is sent to the gas user.

The 2nd place has been awarded to the team formed around the idea on Body-building by Tatul Khachatryan. The idea is to create a flow through the internal heat energy of the person. The device looks like a belt and is designed for mountaineers, hikers and travelers.

The 3-rd place has been awarded to Khachik Movsisyan's team with the idea of "In the world of Physics". It is an online physics laboratory which displays different laws and resolutions in physics in 2D format. The laboratory is developed for teachers, pupils and students.

Within the frames of the DigiCamp2017 innovative Camp 45 young people aged from 14 to 17 presented their innovative ideas, and only 7 out of the latter have been selected as the best ones. Throughout the 10-day camp, the youth participated at the lectures and consultations held by leading IT companies’ professionals. Using the acquired knowledge the participants develop their own ideas through teamwork and represent them by the end of the camp.

The participants of the DigiCamp represented their ideas to the Jury which then selected the best three ones. The winners have been awarded money rewards of 200, 150 and 100 thousand AMD respectively. The jury members were the representatives of Instigate Design, UITE, the World Vision Armenia, Kargin Optics and SEF International companies.

The participants of the DigiCamp listened to the success stories and professional tips presented by the professionals from UITE, PicsArt, Ucom, Arloopa, AEGEE-Yerevan, Global am, Lime Tech, Synergy International and Instigate Design companies, and participated at the trainings by  the “Art of Survival” as well as at the cognitive campaigns.

The partners of DigiCamp 2017 are the Instigate Design, VOLO, One Armenia, Ucom, COAF, the World Vision Armenia, Sahman, Lydian Armenia, Hakhverdyan shinmontazh companies, as well as  Cross of Armenian Unity and Anushavan Abrahamian charitable foundations, Armenian education and Armenian Territorial Development Funds.