YaroslavNitsak DigiTec-2017 is expected to host a large number of globally recognized international companies.  Ericsson, a Swedish company, will also participate at the tech exhibition DigiTec in Armenia. We talk with Yaroslav Nitsak, the head of the Ericsson Armenia office, about participation of Ericsson at DigiTec 2017.

- Your company will participate in the upcoming  DigiTec Expo. What do you expect and what is the propose of your participation? What are you going to exhibit at DigiTec Expo?

Our mission at Ericsson goes far beyond supplying equipment and solutions to telecom operators. We believe that together with them we can connect everything that will benefit from being connected. This way we can uncover the full potential of people, businesses and even the whole societies – transforming them and equipping with the digital tools of tomorrow.

That is why this year we will not showcase our equipment, but rather concentrate on the use-cases and applications that are becoming possible thanks to our technologies.

One of such applications is remote operation of machines and devices which requires not only high network speed, but also ultra-low latency. To illustrate how network delays effect remote device functionality, we are planning to bring to DigiTec a cloud-controlled balancing robot. With the special software, we can increase or decrease network latency and see what happens to the robot. And it’s quite graphic! With the latency of 10 ms the device operates in a very stable way. However, as the latency increases, the robot starts wobbling, and ultimately falls at the latency of 45-50 ms. Such latency compares to latency in existing LTE networks, making it very clear why we need to pave the way towards 5G.  

Another solution we are exhibiting at DigiTec illustrates possible applications of great connectivity in professional sport. Connectivity is now moving into our stadiums, enabling digital services like live video replay, in-seat food ordering and detailed statistics of players. Moreover, with sensors we’re able to do more and more in terms of providing advanced visitor experience and enhancing training of the athletes. Ericsson is currently engaged in several projects in this area, including our technological partnership with Paris-Saint German football team and Chelsea Football Club - just to name a few. At the Expo, our visitors will be able to experience one of the “Connected sport” services we developed.

We have also prepared for our visitors some more cases that will become possible with introduction of 5G networks. We believe that this technology will disrupt the whole societies, that it why it is important to start thinking about its possible applications in the specific markets as early as possible.

- Is Armenian market  in the frame of your interests?

Ericsson has been present in Armenia for almost 10 years now, and I must say that over this time we have witnessed a true digital transformation fueled by innovations in telecom sector. This market has a great potential, and we believe that our technologies and expertise have contributed and will continue contributing into development of the best-performing networks in this country.

- Please could you talk a bit about DigiTec Expo. What do you think about it? What role does it play in the development of IT sector and the development of a technological society?

Solutions which enable development of a technological society cannot be created in isolation. An open dialogue and exchange of ideas is absolutely required to put all pieces of this puzzle together, and DigiTec offers a great platform for such an interaction. This is a unique space which for several days unites representatives of the whole digital ecosystem, and offers both participants and visitors a snapshot of the current state of technological development and digital trends in Armenia.