Freedom Development CJSC is announcing the launch of its new project, "Free Website competition." The project is designed to boost the development of the web sphere and useful, attractive websites in Armenia. The winning idea-website will be prepared for its author free of charge by Freedom Development CJSC.

Director Samuel Ayvazyan:
•    Our goal is also to find talented people who have interesting ideas which we can bring to life together. The  "Free Website Competition" details will be presented and its launch will be announced during "Digitec Expo 2017", on September 30 at 13:30. We are all awaiting for you to be present at the opening of the competition.

You will also be able to find out more about the Competition at Freedom Development Website’s respective page, which will be active and accessible from the main page on 30.09.2017, after the launch at "Digitec Expo 2017". On the above mentioned page, you will also be able to apply online for your participation in the competition.

FreeDOM Development CJSC is an Armenia-based IT company, founded in 2015. Its objective is to form a new business model in Armenian IT sphere and be an effective example of its implementation. Its slogan is "Every detail matters". The company offers an array of services, as web design, web development, web security, user experience, search engine optimization and mobile applications development.

In these two years the company has already strengthened its position, by developing unique websites and advancing its team of professionals, as well as by participating in IT forums and conferences, such as Digitec Business F orum 2016, WCIT 2016 in Brazil.

Samuel Ayvazyan:
•    This year, for the first time, FreeDOM Development will take part in «Digitec Expo». We value the role of DigiTec in IT sphere. It has become a significant part of that arena, and is awaited by almost everyone. We have always been present as guests, visitors, but this year we are already present as a participant. I think it will be continuous.

FreeDOM Development CJS is welcoming partners who would like to be a part of the "Free Website Competition" initiative and participate in the winner selection process. For partnership contact at the following link.

For partnership contact Freedom Development CJSC at the following link.