, the official website of the “Armath” Engineering Laboratories Network uniting more than 5,000 schoolchildren in Armenia, has been launched. This was announced today by Alexander Yesayan, the President of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) which is the implementer of the "Armath" educational program, and Karen Vardanyan, the UITE Executive Director. is unique for a few reasons. Here is the information about all 210 laboratories of Armenia and the coaches. Each kid's parent can contact any group as well as get acquainted with the programs and equipment existing in the lab.

The server is in Armenia. In the near future, all the coaches and students of "Armath" will have a personal account, they will be able to add information and communicate with each other. It is noteworthy that the system works even in case of Internet lack.

The Armathians and other visitors of the website will find complete information on a number of incentive competitions being held for schoolchildren (DigiCode, ArmRobotics, Open Game, DigiCamp, etc.). Here they can also find the materials of the "Armath" training for both coaches and schoolchildren.

For the development of Armenia’s technological, has also created a special section for project support and donations. Those who want to support can choose a community, a particular school for which they’d like to contribute. The website was developed by "Instigate Mobile", "e-Works" and "Leviathan" companies.

During the second part of the event, David Manukyan, the representative of Grant Thornton, presented to the partners and other participants the results of the effectiveness assessment of "Armath" educational program.   

According to the above-mentioned survey, 84% of “Armath” graduates have been enrolled in the Universities, 82% out of them - in natural sciences, IT and technical specialties.

At the same time, the 39% of the respondents are being also employed, while only 4% are being only employed.

Only 19% of the respondents prefer to study other non-IT related specialties after graduating from “Armath”.

45% of employed people are involved in programming, 12% have set up own startups, another 29% are involved in other jobs offered by IT sector, and the rest is involved in engineering and technical work.

The salaries of young employees or those who own startups are ranged from 50 to 300,000 AMD thus making up 132,561 AMD on average.
Thus, 43% of the "Armath" graduates have been employed or started their own startups in IT sector or technical field. And 37% of the students are potential IT workers after graduation of Higher Education Institutions.

Additionally, the network of "Armath" engineering laboratories bearing the slogan of "Algorithm of Future" is created by UITE with the support of the Government of Armenia, donor organizations and individuals. Training at "Armath" is free of charge, and if no laboratory operates in a school yet, the schoolchildren can visit the Armath laboratory operating in nearby schools.

One of the strategic goals of UITE, which units more than 80 member organizations, is to provide free education opportunities for all schoolchildren starting from the age of 10 and establish "Armath" laboratories exclusively in all the schools of Armenia (about 1200). Thus, the development of engineering thought will bring Armenia back to the revival of a high-tech state.