camp2017postrThe best ideas of the 5th annual DigiCamp innovative camp being implemented by the Union of Information technology Enterprises (UITE) in Hanqavan are already known.
The first Honorable prize of the "DigiCamp 2017" has been awarded to the team formed around the ideas on the "Smart Lights" and "Talking Gas" by 14 years old Aram Poghosyan. The "Smart light" system turns off and on the electricity with the help of the mobile applied software. The idea of the “Talking gas” is to prevent the gas outflow. The gas outflow system emits a sound signal when there is gas outflow. If the gas user does not respond in 5 seconds, then a short message informing about the gas outflow is sent to the gas user.
The 2nd place has been awarded to the team formed around the idea on Body-building by Tatul Khachatryan. The idea is to create a flow through the internal heat energy of the person. The device looks like a belt and is designed for mountaineers, hikers and travelers.
The 3-rd place has been awarded to Khachik Movsisyan's team with the idea of "In the world of Physics". It is an online physics laboratory which displays different laws and resolutions in physics in 2D format. The laboratory is developed for teachers, pupils and students.

campopening2017A tech summer awaits for teens in Armenia. Throughout the season, several summer tech camps offer Armenian kids and teens exceptional learning experiences in fun, dynamic and nurturing environments.

Currently, not one, but two summer camps are organized by Union of IT Enterprises (UITE) running from June 29 to July 8. Both camps offer tons of summer fun, along with some of the world’s best tech education.

DigiCamp and Armath summer camps are hosted at a camping resort in scenic Armenian countryside. Both camp experiences combine high quality tech classes with physical activity such as hiking in green mountains, crossing hillside brooks and visiting centuries-old monasteries with breathtaking architecture.


The 10th jubilee digitec Business Forum has launched on 9th of June, 2017. Alexander Yesayan, the President of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises which is the organizer of the event, delivered the opening remarks. Vahan Martirosyan, the Minister of the transportation, communication and information technologies welcomed the guests of the event and presented the welcome speech of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia. The Prime Minister particularly remarks: "The role of the DigiTec Business Forum being organizes since 2008 is exceedingly high. Its become a perfect platform for IT companies to participate in the development of Armenia's economy. This year we again hope to find "Smart solutions for smart businesses" at the event". The Prime Minister also highlighted the launch of the World Congress on Information Technologies in Armenia and mentioned that WCIT2019 is a great success for Armenia in terms of promoting the country's branding and positioning Armenia on the technological global map.

Mrs. Yvonne Chiu, the Chairman of the world Information Technologies and Services Alliance (WITSA) and Mr. James Poisant WITSA's Secretary General have also delivered their opening remarks. Other officials as well as IT and other sectors ‘representatives have also participated at the event.

24052017pcChairman of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) will arrive in Armenia, within the framework of the DigiTec 2017 annual technology forum.

Aleksandr Yesayan, President of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) of Armenia, informed the aforementioned at a press conference on Wednesday. 

In addition to the main topics of this forum, its discussants will confer also on the preparations for the next World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT), which is slated for 2019. 

Around 2,000 IT entrepreneurs are expected to attend the 2019 forum in Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

bizprotectuteorgBizProtect”: new platform, which is aimed at the identification and solution of the problems in the business environment.On 28 April, presentation of the new website was held in the scope of the “Evidence-based Advocacy for Reforms” project.

The project is implemented by the Consortium of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, Armenian Lawyers’ Association and European Business Association (Lead applicant of the Consortium is the Union of Information Technology Enterprises).

“This site will serve as a platform for communication with different groups, identification of problems and for the society,” Mr. Karen Vardanyan, Executive Director of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises said at the official opening ceremony of the website.