In October 25th took place the "line following robot" competition, in which participated 7 teams consisted of school students: 3 teams were from "AYB" high school, 1 team was from Axtalyas' school number 1, "Mxitar Sebastaci" institution presented 2 teams and Polytechnic basic college presented 1 team.

The second championship of developers of computer games and mobile applications came to its end on 20 October. The winner of this year in the “Best Game” nomination category was the team Anuloid with its game “Gravi Tire 3D” full of 3D adventures, in which the player should choose the motorway and to ride the tire, by gaining speed thanks to gravitational force every time it rolls down. Prize – 500.000 AMD.

The final stage of "Open Game" the Armenian Open Championship of Developers of Computers games and mobile applications will take place on October 20.

 DSC0796The start of the summer will be a technological

The objective of 5th annual DigiTec Business Expo-Forum is to promote the creation of ICT enabled Innovative Economy. Best local and international practices, involvement of representatives from state and private sectors, international and donor organizations, working to enhance innovative economies, key international speakers and experts will ensure the best environment for exhibiting and sharing ideas on innovative development and Smart Country profiles.

Nearly 30 young people have presented 14 innovative ideas in the first round of "Smart Solutions of Smart Countries" innovative contest.