UITEgeneralmeetingThe Armenian Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) will present the strategy of IT sector’s development for 2017-2021 on April 19 at the 17th annual congress of UITE.

UITE said in a press release that the congress will also present the results of the Union's activities over the past year and elect UITE board.

The event is expected to be attended by representatives of leading IT companies, heads of educational institutions and state structures and representatives of international organizations.

ucomdilijanarmathRecently the pupils of “Armath” engineering club-laboratory of basic school N5 after Mkrtich Martirosyan in Ijevan hosted the famous IT education project representatives from Ucom and Union of the Information Technology Enterprises (UITE).

The twenty-six pupils, who acquire engineering and programming skills in this laboratory, are mainly 6th-7th grade pupils, who try to apply their knowledge of algebra, geometry and physics. It’s noteworthy that one of the components of 3D printer of the laboratory have broken down and the students of this laboratory have been trying not only to design that component by using a computer, but also print the
damaged component all by themselves.

pmarmathKaren Karapetyan visited secondary school N1 in Tegh village. The Premier inspected the activities of Armath engineering lab, which had been opened at the initiative of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises, where free technological education will be provided to schoolchildren from both the local community and neighboring settlements. In addition to extra-curricular classes, pupils will participate in many other activities, where they will be able to show their knowledge and skills.

The Prime Minister was told that as equipped with a 3D printer, modern computers and robotics collections, the lab will give students the opportunity to learn the basics of programming and robotics.

digitalarmath220 pupils of ''Armath'' engineering laboratories are already ready to carry out the digitization work of drawings stored on the hard documentations (paper).

It should be noted that the archives of construction and mechanical drawings are still kept in paper form in the Western countries (such as Germany), but for these drawings the digitization becomes necessary day by day. On this occasion, the UITE is looking for individuals and companies which cooperate and/or have ties with European construction and mechanical design organizations and can guarantee and represent the UITE as an organization, which can undertake the digitization work of the paper drawings.  

dgcodeclosingOn February 11 Gyumri Technology Center hosted the annual DigiCode Applied Programming Youth Contest, initiated by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) with the support of Ucom. The main goal of the contest is to encourage and develop algorithmic thinking of schoolchildren, turn them from game consumers into game designers, reveal talented children and provide opportunities for development of their creative abilities.

UITE Chairman Aleksandr Yesayan welcomed the participants of the contest and said: “The development of technological education is one of the strategic directions of the UITE. We always implement educational programs and promotional contests and emphasize the importance of access of all children from Armenia and Artsakh to such programs and contests on an equal basis. And, it’s not by chance that DigiCode Programming Contest is held in Gyumri and represented by the schoolchildren from Armenia and Artsakh”.