digitalarmath220 pupils of ''Armath'' engineering laboratories are already ready to carry out the digitization work of drawings stored on the hard documentations (paper).

It should be noted that the archives of construction and mechanical drawings are still kept in paper form in the Western countries (such as Germany), but for these drawings the digitization becomes necessary day by day. On this occasion, the UITE is looking for individuals and companies which cooperate and/or have ties with European construction and mechanical design organizations and can guarantee and represent the UITE as an organization, which can undertake the digitization work of the paper drawings.  

dgcodeclosingOn February 11 Gyumri Technology Center hosted the annual DigiCode Applied Programming Youth Contest, initiated by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) with the support of Ucom. The main goal of the contest is to encourage and develop algorithmic thinking of schoolchildren, turn them from game consumers into game designers, reveal talented children and provide opportunities for development of their creative abilities.

UITE Chairman Aleksandr Yesayan welcomed the participants of the contest and said: “The development of technological education is one of the strategic directions of the UITE. We always implement educational programs and promotional contests and emphasize the importance of access of all children from Armenia and Artsakh to such programs and contests on an equal basis. And, it’s not by chance that DigiCode Programming Contest is held in Gyumri and represented by the schoolchildren from Armenia and Artsakh”.

Armyarmath17Pupils and graduates of ''ArMath'' engineering laboratories achieve success in different fields due to their knowledge and experience. Arman Khachatryan is an example of what has just been said. He is serving in the shooting range equipped with electronic semi-automatic targets of N military unit located in the northern part of Artsakh.  

From 2014 Arman Khachatryan actively participated in the work of Robotics club functioning in Vedi, of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) and was always known for his innovative and enterprising ideas, for the ability of solving problems quickly.

armathakhuryan2017Recently the pupils of “Armath” engineering club-laboratory of Akhuryan high school after Nikol Aghbalyan in Shirak region of Armenia hosted the project representatives from Ucom and Union of the Information Technology Enterprises (UITE).

During the tour the pupils of “Armath” demonstrated everything they have learnt throughout an entire year. The children became skilled in creating games, doing animation, performing mathematical calculations with the help of «Scratch» and «K-Turtle» programs, also in object modelling and printing with the help of three-dimensional printer.


Awareness is another problem that must be solved. International Expert Carl Ulbricht said, “Half of the case will be done if we always inform the people about the platform, so that they are aware of it and use the platform.”